The Internet Summit Austria 2008 2 October 2008 Print
The Internet Summit Austria 2008

"e-Inclusion" is the leading theme of the conference, which will be a meeting of minds of the leading thinkers and major architects of the internet and the digital society today. Their range of experience will cover all aspects of e-Inclusion like e-Accessibility, Ageing, e-Competences, Socio-Cultural e-Inclusion, Spatial e-Inclusion, Inclusive e-government and broadband for all. This event takes place in preparation for the European e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference 2008 in Vienna and is supported by the Federal Chancellery of Austria. The audience will consist of the top 300 CEOs, academics, administration and politicians of Austria and some European countries. ISPA (Internet Service Providers Austria) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to advance the usage of the Internet in Austria.

2 October 2008

Vienna, Austria


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