Workshop - eInclusion: People with disabilities 25 September 2008 Print
Workshop - eInclusion: People with disabilities

This new free hands-on event will provide eInclusion professionals an opportunity to explore issues and good practice cases of relevance to ICTs and disability. In keeping with the current debates, the workshop will analyse three themes:

  • e-Accessibility,
  • Designing for employability and
  • Design for living.
This new eInclusion workshop provides a platform to explore these and other issues of relevance to ICTs and disability. In keeping with the current debates, the workshop will explore three themes:
  • e-Accessibility. Bridging the gap between policy and practice. This will focus on state of the art in current policy, legislation and standardization aimed at delivering ‘design for all’. It will consider to what extent key stakeholders such as public authorities and commercial enterprises have delivered on key policy agendas, and how they might do so more effectively in the future.
  • Designing for employability. This theme will cover issues around utilizing ICTs not only to support the more effective engagement of workers with disabilities in the workplace, but how new technologies can open up more labour market opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Design for living. This theme will explore broader issues around ‘disability, participation and community’. It will evaluate examples of good practices that aim to improve quality of life for people with disabilities; support their social, cultural and leisure activities and provide opportunities for developing community capacity. It will consider in particular the opportunities provided by ‘Web 2.0’ and social networking applications to support participation.
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25 September 2008

Brussels, Belgium


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