Research meets end users: Beneficiaries test OASIS applications together with developers (PART 1) Print
Research meets end users: Beneficiaries test OASIS applications together with developers (PART 1)

The OASIS final User Forum and Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place in Milan on 15-16 November 2011

After four years of activities, the main outcomes of the OASIS project were demonstrated at the final User Forum in Italy. It provided the opportunity for the technical partners involved in OASIS to present the project's outcomes and engage in discussions with the beneficiaries of the project: older people, their careers and experts in user needs.

The OASIS User Forum took place on Tuesday 15th November, and started with a plenary meeting at the library of Buscate. Local officials were present, including the major of Buscate and local service providers, and expressed their appreciation for the work conducted by the project consortium. The event gathered 80 participants from all over Europe and beyond (Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, USA, Japan, Czech republic, Malta, etc.). At the meeting, invited beneficiaries and stakeholders got the opportunity to test the OASIS applications and their online training modules, touching and using the devices and services developed by the project, discussing with the developers about their functions and potentials, and providing their final feedback.

The next day, the Scientific Advisory Board meeting took place, involving a board of international experts, gathering their views and further advice on the applications, their interoperability and the possibilities for deployment of OASIS applications beyond the project lifetime.

See videos and photos below that captured the event.

Participants in the User forum are testing the OASIS Brain trainer in desktop and mobile version.

Silvio Bonfiglio, OASIS Coordinator, provides an overview of the 4 years of activities in the plenary session held in the Buscate library.

One of the four groups that took part in the testing of the OASIS applications in the final OASIS User Forum.

Italian participants testing the OASIS interface on a desktop.

Active participation during the closing session in Buscate library where the OASIS partners gathered useful feedback from Italian and international participants.

Discussions between a member of the Scientific Advisory Board and OASIS partners.

Interview with OASIS project coordinator Silvio Bonfiglio (FIMI): "Successful OASIS piloting coming to an end"

To hear what participants of the User Forum have to say, click here.

Date: 15-16 November 2011

Location: Milan, Italy

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