Creating a Roadmap for ICT and Ageing Print
Creating a Roadmap for ICT and Ageing

Ageing, News, Survey, TechnologyBRAID is currently in the process of elaborating and refining a plan of actions as part of the aimed strategic research agenda for ICT and Ageing. A well conceived roadmap needs to be drawn on the basis of an inspiring vision of what society wants to achieve in future. Therefore we are proceeding with the development of a vision-driven roadmap.
In terms of the roadmapping process, BRAID follows an approach based on the classical scientific method, adapting a structured method well tested in previous roadmapping projects (e.g. THINKcreative, VOmap, ePAL). In brief, after the identification and characterization of the baseline, definition of desirable scenarios, identification of main drivers and trends, a gap analysis was performed. In sequence, a first plan of actions was proposed to cover all aspects of the vision, according to each one of the selected life settings: Independent living, Healthy living, Occupation in life, and Recreation in life. Next phases will focus on detailing the plan of actions and elaborating an implementation plan.
Consensus-building and acceptance by a large community of stakeholders is an important validation mechanism for a useful roadmap. Therefore, in parallel with the development of the research agenda, BRAID is organizing a number of workshops with stakeholders in order to collect feedback and reach consensus.
For more information on the BRAID roadmapping process please contact: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos.






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