AAL User-Centred Companion Robotics Experimentoria - Reminder Print
AAL User-Centred Companion Robotics Experimentoria - Reminder

Call for Participation Reminder

Supporting Socio-ethically Intelligent Assistive Technologies Adoption

For this 5th Workshop the AAL-CRI Workshops Committee wishes to keep its focus firmly on the synergy of the following important themes, the confluence of which will significantly influence the mainstreaming of the Companion/Social Robotics of the future as realistic options off-the-shelf and as an important part of the AAL Solutions Spectrum:

• Socio-ethically intelligent deployment of AAL-Companion/Social Robotics
• AAL Ecosystem  Stakeholders’ Requirements generalisation ontology framework
• Human-Robot Interaction: comprising a range of issues: e.g. direct voice-commanded control, real-time remote control, personal-space-preservation and contextualised dialogue management
• AAL-Companion/Social Robots as emotion/activity literate monitors and context-sensitive respondents
• Human-Robot and Robot-Robot Teams Cooperativity and Training Autonomy support
• AAL-Companion Robot secure semantic Interoperability with the Future Internet and the AAL  Platform
• The Thriving AAL Ecosystem: Matchmaking of Assistive Devices to Well-Being Needs: Achieving the triple dynamic equilibrium point of optimally matched AAL Spectra:  i)  the AAL users’ Needs Spectrum, ii) the ALL Solutions Shelf, and, iii) Affordability Engineered Sustainable AAL Business Models
• AAL-Companion Robotics as Socialisation and Assistance Gateways mediating access to richer social interaction,  positive psychology and fun socio-cognitive stimulation
• Validation and Certification Practice Models for efficient usability evaluation and safety-security assurance of personalised ICT-enabled support for the AAL user’s priority needs
• Future Internet of People, Companion Robots, Things and Services Sociality
• Dynamic Usability-Relationship-Based Evaluation of Assistive Technologies

Participation Process and Timeline

Participation in the AAL-CRI Workshop Series is open and free to all members of the stakeholder community.

• 21st February2011: Deadline for submission of papers by email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
• 26th February2011: Deadline for notification of accepted papers
• 5th March 2011: Deadline for Final Camera-Ready Submission

Professor Atta Badii
Chair of Secure Pervasive Technologies
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School of Systems Engineering
University of Reading
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8 March,2011

Brussels, Belgium



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