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ICT 2010

ICT 2010 Conference: key themes
Sharing visions of current and future research trends and exploring key policy options
Key themes for the 2010 conference:
the potential of digital solutions to promote sustainable growth in a low carbon economy
The continuing constructive role of ICT in the daily life of citizens
the importance of public participation in the innovation process.
The conference will include special sessions presenting the European Union's funding priorities for the 2.8 Billion Euros of EU funding available for ICT research and development during 2011-2012.
These themes will be discussed and debated by leading figures from business, academia and politics. See, for example, the speakers who participated in ICT 2008
ICT research 2010: crucial issues facing Europe:
Central themes for the 2010 conference:

Digital solutions for sustainable growth in a low carbon economy; ICT for a sustainable recovery and improved energy efficiency
ICT for and by the people: benefits of EU-funded research on daily life; involving the citizen in the innovation process.



Brussels, Belgium


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