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The dissemination strategy of the project focuses on the following target groups, which can all be reached by the OASIS partners:

  • Industry and SMEs: existing industrial fora, service providers, telecom companies, home and health care industries especially in the emerging growing field of elderly care, transport and tourism providers, infotainment providers, etc. This target group can be effectively reached through the joint forces of the Consortium’s large Industrial players and the participating SMEs.
  • Scientific Community: research and academic organisations, scientific journals, Committees, Internet Fora and other working groups in fields related to the OASIS work. This target group can be effectively reached by the Consortium’s prestigious academic organisations.
  • End-user groups and their Associations: some examples are SeniorNet Sweden (http://www.seniornet.se/), a well known association in Sweden, having the goal to encourage seniors to take advantage of the possibilities that Information Technology brings to society and at the same time to promote to the industry the concept of a technology adapted to the needs of seniors users; seniorennet.be which is a similar site for the Belgian Dutch speaking elderly; HI (Hjälpmedel Institutet, http://www.hi.se/) and ASPHI in Sweden and Italy respectively, organizations devoted to promote the support to disabled people and people with special needs, etc. AGE as an umbrella organisation of numerous European and National end-user Associations and MCA with its established network of related Associations in the Balkan area guarantee a very wide coverage of this target group and will act as catalysts for the dissemination of the OASIS results to end users, thus enhancing the project’s commercial viability. Certain members of the Scientific Advisory Board, according to their profile and expertise, will also assist the Consortium in reaching this target group effectively.
  • Public and Private Insurance Organisations and other Governmental bodies: these are key actors for the uptake of the OASIS results, especially the resulting applications, since in many cases the related service delivery costs cannot be borne by the elderly themselves; on the other hand these organisations can largely benefit (both in financial and social terms) from the uptake and financing of OASIS-based IT applications and services. The influence and prestige of the members of the OASIS Scientific Advisory Board in combination with their support to the project, as well as the influence and connections of the Consortium’s large industrial players guarantees that this target group can be effectively reached. Furthermore, POLIS, being an association of over 65 cities and regions, can guarantee a wide spread and promotion of results to public administrations Europe-wide.
  • General Public/Public and Opinion Makers: all of the project’s dissemination activities will target this group as well as the more OASIS-specific target groups.
  • Standards Fora: this target group is covered through the activities of WP5.6.
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